Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday 19th October

Comparing theses.
What's scarier the left hand 2 volume beast, or the single volume monster on the right?

Tuesday 18th October

This is a Spanish persimmon.
A very odd fruit indeed - cross between an apple & a nectarine perhaps??

Monday 17th October

(Veggie) Mince & Tatties for tea!
YUM! :)

Sunday 16th October

I got bored with my hair.
So I dyed it!!

Saturday 15th October

Our newly framed Disney print :)
Concept art from It's A Small World.

Friday 14th October

A wickedly naughty hot chocolate to finish off the week :D
Lovely catch up with a friend too.

Thursday 13th October

Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival
Sampling just a few of the 925 different ales on offer!

Wednesday 12th October

A message from L as I left the flat!
(don't worry he's not carved the wood....just the, er, mould?!)

Tuesday 11th October

My view for the last few nights.
L just got Deus Ex Human Revolution. 

Monday 10th October

A friend came to grab me for coffee & discovered I was still in a meeting.
So he sat at my desk & made me these. Genius!!

Sunday 9th October

Day-trip to Leicester

--on another camera; will be uploaded soon --

Saturday 8th October

Rides at the goosefair

--on another camera; will be uploaded soon --

Friday 7th October

Friday drinks after work
Foamy beer a plenty :)

Thursday 6th October

Today I made a holiday collage to brighten up my office
A page of happiness right next to my monitor :)

Wednesday 5th October

An evening view from our flat.
The yearly Goose Fair has arrived promising all the fun of the fair....

Tuesday 4th October

Huzzah! We have food again.
Lots of post holiday tastiness to keep the blues away!

Monday 3rd October

The last of the contents of the suitcases

Friday, 14 October 2011

Sunday 2nd October

In the airport just before leaving -the rest of the family has already boarded & we're all alone :(
Bye Florida, it's been simply amazing :)

Saturday 1st October

Our last night in Florida :(
Out for a meal at the Big River Grill