Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tuesday 31st May

Just back from swimming
Modelling a gift from a lovely friend - finally picked it up from the post office! I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar :) 

Monday 30th May

The long train journey back to Nottingham
Last leg of the journey - changing at Sheffield

Sunday 29th May

A night in Edinburgh with my wee sister
My bed for the night - 2 sofas = a bed of kings 

Saturday 28th May

A day of wedding dresses
The first shop of the day - only problem was the bride-to-be looked beautiful in them all 

Friday 27th May

Arrived in Aberdeen for a weekend of bridesmaidy fun
A homemade cheesecake (it was amazing!) made by my lovely friend 

Thursday 26th May

L bought me flowers to help my last night of revision
What a nice boyfriend <3 

Wednesday 25th May

What's a Wednesday evening without a whiskey??
Have discovered I actually quite like it! 

Tuesday 24th May

The finished poster
Fresh off the wall of the afternoons event

Monday 23rd May

Monday lunch
Back on the salads :)

Sunday 22nd May

Today L and I went for a Sunday evening drive - with no destination
Taking in the sights of Nottingham city

Saturday 21st May

Saturday in the office
Planning a poster

Friday 20th May

Out for a rather lovely extended lunch break
The most halloumi cheese a lowly sandwich could ever hold

Thursday 19th May

Today I got coerced into going for a lunchtime run round the lake
It hurt.

Wednesday 18th May

Tasty pie to celebrate a friend's birthday

Tuesday 17th May

One of these people may, or may not, be me...
Making the most of the belated arrival of some Will & Kate masks :)

Monday 16th May

A quick lot of dishes, from the never-ending pile
I swear they breed when you're busy!

Sunday 15th May

The last of the video analysis I was helping out with
Sigh of relief is an understatement!!

Saturday 14th May

I bought new goggles today so L inherited my old ones
 Pre-water testing :)

Friday 13th May

BBQ at a friends - the end of the evening

Thursday 12th May

The long walk up to the office
Feels like I haven't left here in weeks - May is *too* busy

Wednesday 11th May

New toothbrush
One of life's small pleasures :)

Tuesday 10th May

And the work continues
Coloured Pencils - making coding more fun since 1891

Monday 9th May

A new friend makes himself at home
Totoro - a rather lovely belated birthday present from a friend

Sunday 8th May

Sunday afternoon in the office
Working my way through my hellish month of deadlines

Saturday 7th May

Pretty fairy lights in a bottle
Wonderful night at a friend's BBQ

Friday 6th May

Friday after-work drinks :) 

Thursday 5th May

But Stella's a beer!!
L brought home a new cider to try...(actually quite nice!)

Wednesday May 4th

Lunchtime lake stroll with a friend
Wish these boats were ready for action already!!

Tuesday 3rd May

Uncaged Monkeys - a night of science & comedy
Best night out in a long time :)

Monday 2nd May

Banana bread
Best hangover cure - fact 

Monday, 2 May 2011

Sunday 1st May

Out for a friends birthday
Fancy dress obligatory - DC or Marvel character