Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday 30th April

A lovely chilled out Saturday with my boy
Finished off the day with a Doctor Who catch up :)

Friday 29th April

L decided we should go to Lego Land - had fantastic day out :)
We saw a *lot* of lego, including, a mini version of the Royal Wedding!!

Thursday 28th April

This book was a rather inspired birthday present from my lovely mum
Trying to decide how to spend Friday's bank holiday (i.e. *not* watching the Royal Wedding)

Wednesday 27th April

An extended lunch from work
Buying some new trainers, ready to start some springtime running 

Tuesday 26th April

Finally back in Nottingham after a very long, lonely train journey

Monday 25th April

Last afternoon at home
Sunshine in the garden - a peaceful moment

Sunday 24th April

My Mum & my Granny <3
Out for the traditional family walk up the Suie

Saturday 23rd April

Today I made lemon curd
I squeezed a LOT of lemons, and stirred for what seemed like days

Friday 22nd April

Home! :)
Belated birthday cake 

Thursday 21st April

In Edinburgh for the day
Ice cream & photo fun with my lovely mum and wee sister :) 

Wednesday 20th April

My lovely boyfriend took me out for a birthday meal at Petit Paris :)
Above is my main course - lemon & basil crusted sea bass. Yum!

Tuesday 19th April

Out for early birthday drinks
This delightful mug was a gift from a friend. Ha! I love it!

Monday 18th April

Another day; another class; another leisure centre
Deep water aquafit at the John Carroll centre - not so sure about this one

Sunday 17th April

My first time at Djanogly Leisure Centre
To Aquafit & then for a swim

Saturday 16th April

L bought us Kinder Eggs today
This delight was held by one of them....

Friday 15th April

Out for a friend's surprise 30th birthday

Thursday 14th April

Booking my train tickets home for Easter :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wednesday 13th April, 9.25pm

Wondered to the gym today - came out with a one day pass
Tomorrow when I go, I shall come out with a full membership :) 

Tuesday 12th April, 11.06pm

Late night wok-seasoning
Why not eh? 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday 11th April, 5.44pm

An impromptu hello with a friend
Mint julep in the evening sunshine

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday 10th April, 6.35pm

Rubbish Sunday afternoon in the office
But a rather wonderful ride home in the evening sunshine 

Saturday 9th April, 11.51pm

Out shopping for work clothes for L
I bought myself a postcard - Bonjour Mister Croissant!!

Friday 8th April, 2.27pm

Lovely extended lunchbreak
Enjoying the sun & catching up with a friend :) 

Thursday 7th April, 11.17pm

Midweek cinema trip with L
Source Code at The Savoy

Wednesday 6th April, 3.24pm

The end of the Writing Retreat...

Tuesday 5th April, 5.46pm

At the writing retreat run for my PhD course
An evening game of giant chess (not that I can play!)

Monday 4th April, 1.35pm

Soup season is over :(
But. I'm excited for a spring & summer of salads :) 

Sunday 3rd April, 7.10pm

April Showers!!

Saturday 2nd April, 11.09am

Our post is notoriously rubbish
L & I were both rather shocked when all this came through the door! 

Friday 1st April, 11.48pm

Pot Luck Dinner & "Movie" Night :)
(We didn't end up watching films, hence the inverted commas)