Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday 30th June

** picture will be put up after saturday's hen do, so no surprises are spoiled!  :) **

Wednesday 29th June

After putting it off for what feels like months, we finally made it for a proper Asda shop
Organising the shopping into cupboard piles, before putting it away 

Tuesday 28th June

Jo moved into the office today
Her seat is directly behind the abandoned Will & Kate masks stuck on the glass. Ha! 

Monday 27th June

Hottest day of the summer so far!
Much nicer outside than in the office! 

Sunday 26th June

Into uni briefly after exercise classes
Taking part in a study in the driving simulator 

Saturday 25th June

In the pub after an afternoons shopping.
L looks dashing in a mask that came as part of a costume I bought 

Friday 24th June

Rather enjoying tiny yoghurts at the moment
Petit Filous are my current favourites 

Thursday 23rd June

Mid morning snack at work
I didn't have tupperware small enough, so I put it in an empty salsa jar. 

Wednesday 22nd June

Out for a mid week beer with a few friends
This is a lovely beer. Try it! 

Tuesday 21st June

The pile of books by my bed is growing.
This one is next on the list

Monday 20th June

Enjoying the sunshine and an ice cream 
An afternoon break with some friends :) 

Sunday 19th June

L is going wheat free.
This is the beginnings of the wheat-free chocolate brownies that he made - Yum! 

Saturday 18th June

A weekend staying with my lovely family
This is the lampshade in the guest bedroom, which I love 

Friday 17th June

Met the lovely El in Stoke on Trent for a catch-up
This is El & her shiny car, advertising her new business :) 

Thursday 16th June

Tonight I painted my toenails green.
That is all :) 

Wednesday 15th June

Chilling out with some friends by the lake on campus

Tuesday 14th June

Lara's gone :(
Consoled myself with hot chocolate & marshmallows 

Monday 13th June

Rainy trip to Wollaton Hall, 'rumoured' to be the new exterior of Wayne Manor
Lara got her rather apt pants out for the occasion

Sunday 12th June

Currently have a horrible cold
Lara looking after me with lemon honey & ginger on tap

Saturday 11th June

Lara came to visit all the way from Australia!!
Toasted marshmallows :)

Friday 10th June

Recent addiction
Lazy Friday night in watching 24

Thursday 9th June

Watching L play games
Concentrating ever so hard!

Wednesday 8th June

Grumpy :(
Went down to the pool and it was full!! Grrr...

Tuesday 7th June

Home from the Doctoral Consortium after a long day
To the pub for dinner & a well deserved pint!

Monday 6th June

Finalising a presentation for tomorrow's Doctoral Consortium

Sunday 5th June

Sunday night film
X-men: first class - rather darn good!

Saturday 4th June

And so, to bed.
Nothing quite like clean sheets

Friday 3rd June

Waiting outside the swimming pool in the sunshine
Made a daisy chain - this made me *very* happy :)

Thursday 2nd June

Having a break from work
Trying out Barry M's new crackle nail varnish

Wednesday 1st June

Mediterranean filo pie for dinner