Wednesday 26 October 2011

Wednesday 19th October

Comparing theses.
What's scarier the left hand 2 volume beast, or the single volume monster on the right?

Tuesday 18th October

This is a Spanish persimmon.
A very odd fruit indeed - cross between an apple & a nectarine perhaps??

Monday 17th October

(Veggie) Mince & Tatties for tea!
YUM! :)

Sunday 16th October

I got bored with my hair.
So I dyed it!!

Saturday 15th October

Our newly framed Disney print :)
Concept art from It's A Small World.

Friday 14th October

A wickedly naughty hot chocolate to finish off the week :D
Lovely catch up with a friend too.

Thursday 13th October

Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival
Sampling just a few of the 925 different ales on offer!