Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wednesday 31st August

L - helping me pilot the next study for my PhD, looking at pedestrian navigation

Tuesday 30th August

Home again & back to work
Made slightly better watching this rather good bbc drama on iplayer

Monday 29th August

This is the first photo I didn't take (L took it), but it captures the day perfectly :)
Visiting Leigh's mum & dog Bracken on the journey home.

Sunday 28th August

You know it's been a good ceilidh when you have Strip the Willow bruises on your arms

Saturday 27th August

At a 40th birthday ceilidh
Mum & Dad alone on the dance floor

Friday 26th August

A gift from my lovely Lara, all the way from Australia.
Amazed & overjoyed she sent me a raptor in the post!!!

Thursday 25th August

The first of me & L's monthly "date-nights"
This was attached to the kitchen door (I love notes <3 )

Wednesday 24th August

A tree I found while wandering around preparing for my next study.
It's rather lovely isn't it?

Tuesday 23rd August

Our latest friend is settling in following his arrival on Sunday.
This is Marge, our Madagascar Dragon Tree

Monday 22nd August

A cup of strong coffee & a to-do list.
The only way to start a Monday morning

Sunday 21st August

L bought new sunglasses today
He liked them so much, he wore them to cook dinner....

Saturday 20th August

Out for dinner for L's Dad's belated birthday.
This spectacle was monkfish & pancetta on thai noodles. YUM!!

Friday 19th August

L's family arrived today, for the weekend
This was a wee present from his mum - rather love it :)

Thursday 18th August

Whilst at a BBQ at a friend's house I put down my glasses....
....They took on a life of their own

Wednesday 17th September

And here it is, Bombay mix in an Ikea bottle.
Filled up ready for the arrival of L's family

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tuesday 16th August

So the old cameras broke (teach me to buy too cheaply!)
This is me trying out my new mini video camera! 

Monday15th August

Two lovely friends visiting from Aberdeen :)
Chiling out after a curry

Sunday 14th August

Many many baby aubergines reduced in Asda.
So for dinner - spicy baby aubergine stew with mint & coriander. Yum!  (Recipe here)

Saturday 13th August

Finding alternative uses for our ikea bottles (the other one has bombay mix!)
On finding a hole in the milk, L nobly decants into an alternative receptacle

Friday 12th August

A BBQ at a friend's house
A snapshot of some of my lovely friends :)

Thursday 11th August

L has taken to buying me wee lego figures
I found this one hidden in my cereal <3

Wednesday 10th August

Playing with a new app L installed on my phone.
The last one before he got bored of me taking pictures of him.

Tuesday 9th August

"Goodbye to you my trusty friend"
Farewell picture of my old phone (& camera) - I am now officially upgraded!

Monday 8th August

Manually writing out all my contacts because my sim wouldn't play ball.
Still, getting a new phone soon!! Squeee!

Sunday 7th August

Eek! I'm famous....kind of.
My tweet appeared in this month's "twittered on the grapevine" column :)

Saturday 6th August

We went to see Captain America today. It was Ace. I have a picture which seems to have misplaced itself. BUT it will be found. Have patience :)

Friday 5th August

Went to a school disco themed 30th party.
There was even a tuck shop & free lolly pops! :)

Thursday 4th August

Yes, this is a toe. I thought my afternoon walk had given me a Harry Potter-esque scratch
On closer inspection, it was just 2 lines. No lightning bolt in sight :( 

Wednesday 3rd August

This is what happens when you try and photocopy a google maps print-out
Useless, but I rather like it!

Tuesday 2nd August

Oooh! Exciting mini spy cameras arrived :)
<3 Research (sometimes!) 

Monday August 1st

Rather enjoying these during my excessive amounts of exercise :)