Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday 30th September

Second day at Hollywood Studios.
Mike wants a hug!

Thursday 29th September

Our second go at Epcot for Mission: Space, Test Track & Spaceship Earth.

Wednesday 28th September

On our way to the pool for an afternoon swim :)

Tuesday 27th September

Hollywood studios before the Beauty & the Beast show
Leigh and his toffee apple. Mostly toffee, less apple. 

Monday 26th September

My lovely mum making friends with Donald <3

Sunday 25th September

This picture of my Dad just makes me laugh so much!
At the Animal Kingdom during one of our legendary packed lunch stops

Saturday 24th September

My lovely other half & wonderful dad <3
On the boat from Down Town Disney to Old Key West for lunch

Friday 23rd September

L & I after a wee wonder to Epcot to book our anniversary meal

Thursday 22nd September

Off to the Magic Kingdom for a day of fun, sun, rain, broken pirate ships 
& never-ending buffets :)

Wednesday 21st September

Universal Islands of Adventure
The 2 best bits of the park - Jurassic Park & The World of Harry Potter <3

Tuesday 20th September

Today - Universal Studios
L & waiting for the Beetlejuice show to start

Monday 19th September

Leigh & Jay modelling the hire car
Today we took it to the Florida Mall & the hugest Wallmart you ever did see!

Sunday 18th September

After a very early start & very long day, we're here!!!
Disney's Boardwalk Resort, Disney World, Florida. SQUEEEEEEE!!!

Saturday 17th September

Arrived at my aunties prior to the early morning flight tomorrow.
It's only a double-flippin'-rainbow!

Friday 16th September

The last afternoon at work before my holidays!!
I'm off to DISNEY, and only a tiny bit excited :D

Thursday 15th September

A tiny tiny fortune teller, made from the raffle ticket from earlier in the night.

Wednesday 14th September

At the pub quiz at our local
Unfortunately it's gone downhill recently (the quiz that is, the beer is still good ;) )

Tuesday 13th September

Memory lapse
Note to self: Must stop leaving beer in freezer

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monday 12th September

Walking back from the gym.
The sun setting over Jubilee Campus

Sunday 11th September

Went to the preview of "A Conversation Between Trees"

Saturday 10th September

Round at a friends for the evening
Enjoying a rather pretty symbols "dictionary"

Friday 9th September

Some ridiculous rain followed by the evening sun
Makes for a rather pretty sunset

Thursday 8th September

Baked potatoes for dinner today
L made a production line for their baking & filling - how efficient....

Wednesday 7th September

Listening (&watching) the verbal protocol of my participants.
Some interesting visualisations - this is a heartbeat, dog barking & the wind!

Tuesday 6th September

L has finally managed to corner me to watch "Shooting the Past"
Apparently he's been trying since about 2005....

Monday 5th September

Finally got round to watching this boxset which a friend lent me...
I'm OBSESSED!! Love it! :)

Sunday 4th September

L *loves* roasted vegetables, so I surprised him for tea.
Roast veg glazed with honey, mustard & chilli, served with quinoa.

Saturday 3rd September

A few glasses of wine turned into a few to many cocktails
Amazing night  - there was even a magician :)

Friday 2nd September

Out for pizza and drinks with some friends.
Been looking forward to a "girlie night out" for ages

Thursday 1st September

It's autumn right?
That means I can start taking soup for lunch again!! :D