Thursday, 31 March 2011

Thursday 31st March, 11.40pm

I'm not usually one for favourites, but this is Tropical Bob, my 'bestest' plant
The end of March saw Tropical Bob gain a new friend 

Wednesday 30th March, 10.52pm

Pub Quiz at The Lion
No, our team name doesn't make any sense, don't worry.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday 29th March, 1.20pm

Out for a sunny lunchtime walk with L
I loved these guys, making the most of the warm weather.

Monday 28th March, 9.25pm

Canoe club AGM
Awards, speeches, votes and fun :) 

Sunday 27th March, morning

Yes Leigh. 
It must be true, it says it on the tag.

Saturday 26th March, afternoon

An amazing day at a friend's wedding
The bride looked beautiful 

Friday 25th March, 11.30pm

Making sure we've got everything
Off to a wedding bright and early

Thursday 24th March, 6.48pm

Just arriving home from work
Been skies like this for a few nights now, just as I get in

Wednesday 23rd March, 6.24pm

Deadline day 
The middle of a very long day in the office

Monday 22nd March, 11.18pm

Last minute picture of the day
Just bought this hairspray - it's fantastic!

Monday 21st March, 11.18pm

Slightly blurry Band of Brothers
Phenomenal series - just watched the last one :( 

Sunday 20th March, 8.41pm

This looks foul, but I felt it important to document (incidentally it tasted great)
L specifically requested his sausage & mash to be presented like this
I have no words...

Saturday 19th March, evening

Taken from our balcony 

Friday 18th March, evening


L playing the PS3
Looks decidedly uncomfortable, but apparently it's not...

Thursday 17th March, 4.28pm

Chilling out after a 4 block of Graduate School modules
Table football & mini pool

Wednesday 16th March, 11.19pm

Recently restocked "tea" cupboard
This makes me happy 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tuesday 15th March, 9.49pm

Looking forward to an early night
A relaxing cup of camomile, vanilla & honey tea after a hard BodyBlitz session  

Monday 14th March, 3.36pm

An afternoon stroll in the sunshine
Making the most of a break during a Monday of Graduate School modules 

Sunday 13th March, 2.54pm

A day out with Leigh :)
Lincoln Cathedral, seen from inside the Castle's Observatory Tower 

Saturday 12th March, 11.25pm

Out for a friend's "Not quite a hen do, hen-do" (it was a classy affair see)
Vodka soda & lime is actually green, honest

Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday 11th March, 10.51pm

Catching up on posting my photos
I've been rubbish this week!

Thursday 10th March, 10.45pm

Early evening text from L: "I've made a bizarre treat for when you're home"
This is what it was - red & black pancakes...

Wednesday 9th March, 9.50pm

"Pancake Wednesday"
Leigh - ever the attentive cook.

Tuesday 8th March, 8.28pm

This arrived in the post for L this morning

Monday 7th March, 9.06pm

Temporary Ferris Wheel in Market Square
Waiting for the tram after a long day in uni 

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sunday 6th March, 11.14pm

Lovely thank-you note from Mum
The end of a wonderful weekend with Mum & Dad 

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thursday 3rd March, 10.17pm

Drinking beer with Dad (Parents down to visit :) )
This may be my new favourite beer. It tastes of honey. 

Wednesday 2nd March, 1.05pm

My ridiculously matching lunch
Soup matches Ryvita; bowl matches tray. Amazing.

Tuesday 1st March, 9.33pm

Double Espresso
Out for a 'farewell' meal as a friend goes off travelling